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Design, UI & UX

This is where the creativity takes shape. No matter if it is a design, a video or an animation piece, we create visual products that boost and improve the performance of our customers. 

At Era Creativa, we join forces internally to create cutting-edge products both highly interactive and visually attractive. They provide users a different way to interact with our products. 

Design is found everywhere these days. Society knows how to recognize a good design and appreciate the companies that achieve it.

We work with the best of both worlds, off-line and on-line design.

Off-line design includes brand guides, presentation cards, flyers, brochures, manuals, billboards, photo editing, printing, and so on. UX allow us to improve the approach of any design, both digital and analogic. It makes the difference between a “pretty” design and a logical design based on the business. These tools help us provide quality services, intuitive and differentiating applications.

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